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B.A.T. Panel Discussion
Sunday, January 12, 2014, 3pm
Panelists include: Francesco Siqueiros, Anita Bunn, Lisa Adams, Susan Bolles, Carolyn Castaño, Renee Petropoulous
There will be a panel discussion held in conjunction with Offramp Gallery's B.A.T.: A selection of prints by women artists and El Nopal Press on Sunday, January 12 at 3pm in the garden (weather permitting).

Panelists include: El Nopal Press founder Francesco Siqueiros, guest-curator Anita Bunn, and artists Lisa Adams, Susan Bolles, Carolyn Castaño and Renee Petropoulous.

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B.A.T.: A selection of prints by women artists and El Nopal Press has been extended through January 26, 2014. Artists in the exhibition are:

Lisa Adams
Susan Bolles
Anita Bunn
Carolyn Castaño
Emily Cheng
Sandra De La Losa
Pia Elizondo
Elsa Flores
Diane Gamboa
Silvia Gruner
Sherin Guirguis
Shirley Jaffee
Annie Lapin
Dominique Liquois
Rocio Maldonado
Ruby Osorio
Renée Petropoulos
Daniela Rossel
Analia Saban
Linda Stark
Laureana Toledo

In printmaking, the B.A.T. is the final trial proof that the artist approves, indicating for the printer what an edition should look like. B.A.T. (Bon à Tirer/Good to Go) at Offramp Gallery features the works of 21 women artists who have printed with master printer Francesco Siqueiros of El Nopal Press. 
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