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Fifth Anniversary Group Exhibition
Lou Beach, Quinton Bemiller, Anita Bunn, Elaine Carhartt, 
Chuck Feesago, Mark Steven Greenfield, James Griffith, 
Edith Hillinger, Myron Kaufman, Nicholette Kominos, 
Susan Sironi, Patssi Valdez
September 8 - October 13, 2013
Closing Reception: Sunday, September 8, 2-5pm
Exhibition Tour with Art Historian Betty Brown, 3pm
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June 2013 – Pasadena, CA On September 8, 2013, Offramp Gallery in Pasadena will celebrate its five year anniversary with a group exhibition of its critically-acclaimed roster of artists, including work by Lou Beach, Quinton Bemiller, Anita Bunn, Elaine Carharrt, Chuck Feesago, Mark Steven Greenfield, James Griffith, Edith Hillinger, Myron Kaufman, Nicholette Kominos, Susan Sironi and Patssi Valdez. A wide variety of work will be featured including collage, altered books, painting, reductive lino prints, installation, embroidery, sculpture and photography.

The opening reception will take place September 8 from 2-5pm. There will be live music by the Julie Miwa Quintet. The artists will be in attendance. The show will run until October 13, 2013. There will be a closing reception on Sunday, October 13 from 2-5pm. Art historian Betty Brown will give an exhibition tour at 3pm.

Offramp Gallery is a product of director Jane Chafin’s passion and vision, and of partner Chaz Alexander’s support and pragmatism. Opened during the economic downturn of 2008, Offramp Gallery has grown into a creative bastion and home to some of Los Angeles’ most thought-provoking art. Formerly a dance studio, Offramp has carried on the legacy of cultural center and attracted everyone from curious Pasadena locals to art collectors from all across the country.

The gallery made it onto the LA Times’ radar in 2011 with Anita Bunn’s groundbreaking photography exhibit, The Sun Tells Quite Another Story, a stunning collection of 40"x40" prints exploring the temporal nature of the still and moving image. Other successful shows have included Susan Sironi’s New ABCs: Altered Books & Collages, where ordinary books were transformed with careful page-by-page cutting that resulted in awe-inspiring three dimensional objects; painter Lisa Adams’ Born This Way, a collection of 16 gouaches; and Mark Steven Greenfield's Animalicious, a provocative look at African-American stereotypes in film and cartoons.

In 2008, eager to leave Las Vegas, Jane saw a listing for the Pasadena property online and intuitively knew it was the place for her to create the art gallery she had long been envisioning. Her partner, Chaz Alexander, a successful architect, was instrumental in helping her remodel the space. From Jane’s unbridled passion for art and Chaz’s unending support for her vision, it’s clear Offramp Gallery is a result of true partnership: Jane & Chaz moved to Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day of 2008 to begin working on the space. Offramp was open for its first show September that year. 

What sets Offramp Gallery apart from others is that Jane Chafin gets to know each of her artists on a personal basis. She is aware of the stories behind every piece of art and the process that went into creating it. “The best way to describe the gallery is that it's a journey of discovery and delight,” says the director. “In an age of superstar artists, over-the-top spectacle, and astronomical prices, I'm always looking for the answer to the basic but not-so-simple question ‘What is art?’ Working with artists I admire on an intimate scale in a family-like setting is very rewarding.” Like the name of the gallery, Jane has brought together a collection of artists who are off the beaten path. They may not be the darlings of the LA arts scene ("yet!" says Chafin), but they offer much to the world of art with their unique work. 

A former artist herself, Jane later abandoned painting to pursue journalism in New York. In addition to forming Offramp Gallery, Jane recently combined her passion for art and journalism in her arts blog at The Huffington Post. You can read more here: 

Five years after opening the door, the gallery has not only survived the economic downturn it began in, but has grown into a thriving community of world-class artists. Visit to learn more.


Jane Chafin is currently director of Offramp Gallery, exhibiting contemporary art in an historic house in Pasadena, CA. Jane used to be a painter and worked as a registrar for the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. She stopped painting, moved to New York and pursued a career in journalism. There, she was editorial director of, and did freelance writing for the LA Times, the and the New Yorker Magazine's marketing department. She moved back to the Los Angeles area and opened Offramp Gallery in September 2008. She was named one of Pasadena's "Power Women" in the May 2011 issue of Pasadena Magazine.

Lou Beach
The Royal Billy, 2013
collage on paper
11" x 13"
Quinton Bemiller
Playa del Rey, 2013
acrylic on canvas
30" x 24"
Anita Bunn
One of Two Moments, 2013
video still
Elaine Carhartt
Portrait, 2012
reductive lino cut
6" x 6"
Chuck Feesago
Island Seed, 2012
acrylic on gloss paper & cotton, bubble wrap
approx. 60" x 72" installation
Mark Steven Greenfield
Br’er Rabbit Negotiating Solo, 2012
cotton embroidery on cotton
36” x 29”
James Griffith
Howl, 2012
tar on canvas
30" x 20"
Edith Hillinger
MITTSU, 2012
collage on canvas
33" x 33"
Myron Kaufman
Naked Man, 2012
acrylic on canvas
18" x 24"
Nicholette Kominos: Wandering Boundaries, 2013, installation shot. Photo credit: Gene Ogami.
Susan Sironi
Vanishing by Degree, 2010
altered book
16" x 9" (opened)
Patssi Valdez
The Storm, 2006
gouache & watercolor on watercolor paper
24" x 18"
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