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Panel Discussion: Context as Narrative in Contemporary Art 
Moderated by Skip Snow
Sunday, June 29, 2014, 3pm in the Garden 

A work of art is always contextualized -- by the museum, the walls of the collector's home, public spaces, places of art commerce, i.e. the gallery, the street and the art fair to name a few. Each context creates a narrative framework around what the art is, how it is to be perceived and the fortunes of the artist and its audience. The artists in this panel experiment with context, and in many ways serve and undermine the objects of art that they create, distribute, sell, or even destroy. They are all aggressive in their approach to context, and the issues around the context of their art will be discussed as a potential narrative framework that creates a meta-architecture that is similar across their practices. 

Participating in this panel will be:

Stephen van Dyke (remotely)
Matias Viegener
Nancy Popp
Dominic Quagliozzi

Moderated by Skip Snow
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