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Lisa Adams: Born this Way Feature
Pasadena Weekly 9/22/11

'Born this Way'

LA artist Lisa Adams finds beauty amid conflict at Offramp Gallery show 

By Sara Cardine 09/22/2011 

The mind tends to seek refuge in definitive extremes — happiness or sorrow, natural or manmade. But the experience of living, one often feels deeply more bittersweet kinds of feelings. Mining that in-between area to draw out beautiful gems is a specialty of LA artist Lisa Adams, who presents a show of miniature works in Born This Way now on display at Altadena’s Offramp Gallery. 
“Born this Way is a comment on a life outside the mainstream,” Adams wrote in an artist’s statement. “This status has given me the opportunity to create, propagate and advance and imagined construct, a richly populated world through which I am able to communicate.”
The show highlights miniatures pieces created in the style of gouache, wherein a paint pigment is suspended in water and washed over a surface. The end result is beautifully colored works that skillfully play with notions of nature, destruction and uncertainty. 
Adams explains her focus in creating the gouache works is entirely different than that she uses for larger works. “I have the experience of working with only my eyes and mind as if no body were attached — this experience is heightened by sitting versus standing when creating the work,” Adams said.
Offramp Director Jane Chafin described Adams as a veteran LA artist, adding that she was lucky to be able to catch her in between shows. Chafin hopes audiences will appreciate Adams’ skill at blending the real and surreal in a captivating way. 

“She uses both abstract and representational elements and plays back and forth between them,” Chafin said. “She seems very much at home in both these worlds.”
Adams will be at the Offramp Gallery, 1702 Lincoln Ave., Altadena, Oct. 9 from 2 to 5 p.m. for a closing ceremony. She will give a talk and sign copies of her book “Vicissitude of Circumstance,” which explores in detail the artist’s haunting, mentally charged works and her attempt to document memory in strange and beautiful ways.


For more information on the show or closing reception, visit or call (626) 298-6931.

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