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Benefit Exhibition & Sale for Lisa Adams
 November 3-4, 2012
Opens Saturday, November 3, 1pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, Sunday, November 4, 2-5pm

Offramp Gallery is pleased to announce a Benefit Exhibition & Sale for Lisa Adams to be held the weekend of November 3-4, with a reception on Sunday, November 4 from 2-5pm. The exhibition opens at 1pm on Saturday, November 3. Be among the first to select works at benefit prices by Los Angeles luminaries such as Laddie John Dill, Ed Moses, Kristin Calabrese, Larry Bell, Chuck Arnoldi, Iva Gueorguieva, Anita Bunn, Susan Sironi, Jim Ganser, China Adams, Joshua Aster, Erin Cosgrove and many more (see below for full list).

Veteran Los Angeles artist Lisa Adams had cataract surgery last March. This procedure is common and usually full recovery takes place in a months’ time. Unfortunately for Lisa, the healing process took a turn for the worse resulting in emergency surgery to correct a torn and detached retina. The recovery time is not only very slow after this surgery (two months), but on occasion the surgery is required a second time. 

We are asking for your help and generosity to help cover Lisa's medical costs. 100% of sales from the benefit will go directly to Lisa. Cash donations will also be accepted.

Updated Artists' List (11/3/12)

Artist Lisa Adams in her studio
Kim Abeles
China Adams
Chuck Arnoldi
Joshua Aster
Lindsay August-Salazar
Lou Beach
Edith Beaucage
Larry Bell
Quinton Bemiller
Cherie Benner Davis
Anita Bunn
Kristin Calabrese
Erin Cosgrove
Laddie John Dill
Guy Dill
Tom Dowling
Jacqueline Draeger
Amy Drezner
Rebecca Edwards
Merion Estes
Joe Fay
Chuck Feesago
Renée Fox
Nicholas Frank
Jim Ganser
Iva Geourguieva
Mark Steven Greenfield
Scott Greiger 
James Griffith
Kio Griffith
Noah Haytin
Julienne Hsu
Larry Hurst
Gegam Kacherian
Kohl King

Nicholette Kominos
Alex Kroll
Margaret Lazzari
Maddy LeMel
Constance Mallinson
Dan McCleary
Siobhan + Greg McClure-Rose
Ed Moses
Trevor Norris
John O’Brien
​Jayme Odgers
Ann Page
Felicia Page
George Page
Laurel Paley
Mary Anna Pomonis
William Ransom
Lucas Reiner
Ross Rudel
Alex Schaefer
Jaime Scholnick
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Danny Shain
Wayne Shimabukuro
Francesco Siqueiros
Susan Sironi
Gigi Spratley
Gary Steinborn
Trine Wejp-Olsen
H.K. Zamani
Jody Zellen
Bob Zoell