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Quinton Bemiller: Poles
May 10 - June 21, 2009
extended through August 23

Quinton Bemiller

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Artist's Statement

The painted poles are another way for me to address my interest in color, particularly color relationships.  In nature, colors modulate and change over time.   There are surprising connections to be found.  Each environment seems to have a particular color palette of its own, be it in a canyon or in a backyard.  At Offramp Gallery, I am installing painted poles in the yard, referencing the colors found there.  The poles are painted pvc pipes, placed in a meandering line and spaced informally.  From one pole to the next, each color changes gradually in a progression of color.  This is something I often do in my paintings.  Here, one can walk alongside the poles, experiencing the color modulations in real time while observing their interaction with the immediate environment.

Quinton Bemiller