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Anita Bunn: Detour
 September 16 - October 28, 2012
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 16, 2-5pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, October 28, 2-5pm

Anita Bunn

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Offramp Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition, Anita Bunn: Detour, from September 16 - October 28, 2012. Detour is Bunn's third solo exhibition at Offramp Gallery. There will be an opening reception on Sunday, September 16 from 2-5pm and a closing reception and artist's talk on Sunday, October 28 from 2-5pm.

Detour is a continuation of Bunn's ongoing interest in marrying contemporary digital media with traditional photography and printmaking. Pinhole camera photographs taken on large format color reversal film in conjunction with digital capture photographs and continuous tone lithographs engage in a dialogue about photographic processes and the nature of perception, myth, and the sprawling urban environment of Los Angeles. 

Bunn's work is formal in composition but teeming with activity under a veneer of quiet stillness. It is about the subtle shifts in perception that occur over time and through repetition, allowing for different ways of looking at an object and crystallizing the complexity and nuance that exist within a seemingly simple construct. It also is very much about photography, yet other references are clear. Approaching a subject through a variety of media affords Bunn the opportunity to fully investigate the acts of noticing and of turning away from spectacle that are at the heart of her work. 

Anita Bunn, Palm #1, 2012, shot with homeade pinhole camera, 40"x40"
Anita Bunn, untitled (Ambient Red #1), 2012, continuous tone photolithograph, ed. 2/5, 18” x 18”, printed by Francesco Siqueiros, El Nopal Press