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Chuck Feesago: kavajava
April 11 - May 9, 2010
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 11, 2010
Artist's Talk: Saturday, May 9, 3pm

Chuck Feesago

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The rituals of the Pacific Islands swirl together with those of the U.S., fostering my perspective of thought and comprehension. 
The bowl, as object, for me represents the rituals of each culture simultaneously reflecting similarities and differences - inclusions and omissions. The reflections parallel my actions as an artist.
I want to share the intimate moment of ritual consumption. The coming together of past-present-future, the freedom that comes from repetition, and the realization that the uneventful evokes the landscape of possibility.

Chuck Feesago
January 2010

Chuck Feesago, ART ON PAPER - SEP-OCT 2008 - VOL 13 NO1, 2009,
approx 72" x 72"
Click image to see video walk-thru of exhibition.
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