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Nicholette Kominos: crumpled, cut, and divided
April 3 - May 1, 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 3, 2011 2-5pm


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Artist's Statement

My current series of drawings and sculptures offer a continued exploration of the elemental line and the impact it has on the structure and context of its surrounding space. The calligraphic or linear inscriptions are quirky and awkward, casually or forcefully dissecting, defining, and highlighting directives such as up/down, left/right.

In my two dimensional constructions transparent Vellum allows one to see through and beyond. The material is embossed, cut, crumbled, drenched with water, and divided in half so that the paper expands out or creates its own shadows. My titles often reference old maps and geography. Old maps for me contain layers of information, memories of the past, and forgotten or rerouted pathways, but the topography is the same. They are flat guides to a three dimensional space.  

The sculptures have many divisions and combine diverse and oppositional material, stressing dichotomies such as rough/soft, industrial/craft material, and geometric/organic form. Pattern and texture mark irregular relationships and forms revert back and forth between flat and expanded space. 

Throughout the interplay of odd shapes, incongruous material, and a pale palette I strive to retain a sense of simplicity so that physical subtleties can be emphasized and psychological associations elicited.

Nicholette Kominos
April 2011

Nicholette Kominos, untitled, 2010, mixed media and bronze, 7" x 5" x 3". 
Nicholette Kominos, Like a Portal or a Tunnel #1,  24 x 19", vellum, pencil, acrylic, varnish 

installation view
Video walk-thru
Opening reception, Sunday, April 3, 2011