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Joey Santarromana: Stare
January 10 - February 7, 2010
Opening Reception, Sunday, January 10, 2-5pm
Artist Talk, Sunday January 24, 3pm

Joey Santarromana

2009 video installation
2 video projectors, rear projection screens, dark room

Stare is an exercise into the committed gaze and color (active and passive viewing); one will replace the other based on the individual's efforts of looking at the work. Stare consists of two video portraits projected adjacent to each other, both saturated in color, making the image a challenge to see. In addition, the viewer is also being washed in the colored light of the projection as he/she stands between the two portraits -- in effect becoming enmeshed in the exchange.

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Joey Santarromana
from Stare, 2009
video installation
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