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Francesco Siqueiros: Paraiso Terrenal/Earthly Paradise
through March 21, 2010
Reception for the Artist: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 2-5pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, March 21, 2-5pm

Description of the Project

Los Angeles based artist, Francesco Siqueiros, will be creating a site-specific installation, Paraiso Terrenal/Earthly Paradise, in the garden at Offramp Gallery. The installation will represent the sacred and the profane as it relates to work, production, and creativity. The project will be on view through March 21, 2010 with an opening reception for the artist on Sunday, February 21, 2-5pm.

The installation will consist of two separate parts: “Garden as Subject” and “Garden as Object.” “Garden as Subject” involves the construction of a garden surrounded by an architectonic structure. The structure will hold screens for projections of stills and video. The garden itself is an approximately 6’ x 12' plot that has been cut out of the cement surface of an old patio.

“Garden as Subject”  is a garden representing itself and the engagement of labor as an act of independence, self reliance, and creative transformation. The intention of the installation is to present the aesthetic of work production engaged in questioning the boundaries between consumption, the production of goods, and the transformation of raw materials.  
“Garden as Object” involves the construction of a garden interfacing and interrelating in a multimedia composition. The size of the garden will be approximately 6’ x 12.” The garden is viewed as an armature or canvas upon which various relationships are instigated, including color and forms of the plants and vegetables in their surrounding area. Open ended materials will be used, as equivalent relationships are sought in this painterly endeavor. 

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photo by Anita Bunn
Please note: Due to an unruly guest who wouldn't stop doing gymnastics on the scaffolding during the February 21 opening of Paraiso Terrenal/Earthly Paradise, the scaffolding company was forced to remove their equipment.
photo by Anita Bunn
photo by Anita Bunn
Exhibition walk-thru
Opening Reception February 21, 2010
photo by Anita Bunn
photo by Anita Bunn