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Theodore Svenningsen
 Truth and Self Deception
February 20 - March 20, 2011
Opening Reception, Sunday, February 20, 2-5pm
Closing Reception & Artist's Talk, Sunday, March 20, 2-5pm

Theodore Svenningsen  


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Artist Statement

In the text pieces the work exists at a place where narrative meanings of words can give way to being seen solely as aesthetic objects. The work explores this conflation of the narrative and the aesthetic.

The text work is comprised of two main concerns. Some of the pieces are self-referential, these pieces investigate, critically, the underpinnings of theory driven art. A second area of interest explores the interrelationships between individual persons and the larger group, and looks at the difficulties and inabilities of these certain individuals to fit in. Logic symbolism forms the bases of the aesthetic element in a number of the pieces.

Additional areas of concern involve the investigation of money in society and its position as almost the only criterion of importance in judging a life, dominating and almost obliterating all truly human propensities. Another concern involves the actual, but mostly ignored, temporariness of life. 
Theodore Svenningsen
If and Only If, undated
acrylic on canvas
42" x 42"